The Dungeon Lord rises!

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Dungeon Lord is out on Amazon (free on Kindle Unlimited) and making a splash. It’s about building dungeons instead of destroying them, opposing the schemes of evil gods, and forging your own path in a world where pretty much everyone is trying to kill you. It’s a mixture between litRPG, Dark Fantasy, and Sword and […]

Dungeon Lord’s First Taste

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Dungeon Lord Kael watched as what remained of his legacy burned to ashes. His brave monsters lay broken at every passage and corridor from the entrance to his own chamber, his traps were defeated, his magic was spent and dry. Only the last line of defense yet stood: Kael himself and his closest lieutenants, a […]

Cold War Rune: Prologue

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All was still in the frozen expanse. The compound was a speck of gray in a gigantic island of snow and frozen mountains. The sea surrounding it was icy blue and the reflection of the sky in the water was so perfect that the ice appeared as if floating in the middle of the clouds. […]

10 Great litRPG Books in Kindle Unlimited

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LitRPG is a new (relatively) genre of SFF books. It deals with protagonists trying their luck and wits against virtual, game-like worlds with game-like rules and leveling systems. Books that deal with virtual reality environments have been around for a while now (and if you haven’t read Snow Crash already, you’re seriously missing out) but […]